Its now amazing that a new android app is being introduced to the new generation world which are more useful to the skin cancer patients. One can check skin cancer and related diseases accurately in his body easily and fastly with the help of this new android app. The new android app is being invented in Kolkata as the students of the School of Medical Science and Technology of  Kharagpur I.I.T developed the new android app in the presence of the research scholar Debdoot Sheet.

The new app is named as Clip-O-Cam in the android app list. A patient is free from the time to be wasted by him for the checkup of the skin cancer in him as the new android app helps the patient with a device connected to it manually which is available in market soon. After connecting the device one can check his skin through the app.

First of all the client / patient should take photographs of his skin in the mobile phone with the help of the flashlight from the android phone. Then the images are uploaded to the DRICTION computational imaging service. And the checkup is done by the analysis of the images uploaded the result will be shown automatically.

Scientific experts say that the new android app is being built to use much easily  in which people who are semi skilled in paramedics being worked in primary and rural health centres.

Diseases caused on the skin and in the skin as skin lesions and abnormalities like ulcer, cancer, psoriasis, scaling, dysplasia,  inflammation, keratinisation, lipoma, melanoma and wounds will be assisted so fastly through high precison screening of the new android app.

Debdoot Sheet had declared that being an affordable and portable device , it can be used by the trained health centre workers for health care delivery where the patients are being in mobility restricted areas.

It is being said that the application will be available in market when this new android app is approved officially by the government. Also the extra ordinary feature of this app is that it helps the clinic nurses and other health workers to check the skin diseased patients fastly and accurately and they can check more patients in less time.

However the invention of the New Android App Clip o Cam has got some awards and have got Rs 10 lakhs as incubation prize in GE EDISON CHALLENGE 2013 in banglore recently.