” Lego car “, A new car built with five lakhs  Lego blocks in the street of Melbourne in Australia is being the latest news spread all over the country. Also the main feature of this new Lego car is that the fuel applied to the engine of this car is ‘AIR’ only.

The new Lego car powered by air was built by an Australian entrepreneur Mr. Steve Sammartino and a Romanian technologist Mr. Raul Oaida. One of the feature of the car is that it can speed up to about 30 kilometers per hour (108 m/s ). The manufacturing of the new Lego car was sponsered by the crowd funded projects.

One of the most exciting feature of this car is that it is being powered with air as fuel. And the working of this fuel is also being explained by the manufacturers.The air is  used as fuel in this new Lego car with the help of four orbital engines that help to transfer energy and 256 pistons connected with the orbital engine in which 64  pistons in each engine. Except the tyre of this new car all parts of this car is being built with Lego blocks.

The Co-founder of the crowd funded projects Mr. Steve Sammartino revealed to the BBC that we can gain success in the technology world if there are more experts ( mostly preferred to youth ) in the technology field, they would collect fund for the programme on the base of a good topic. Also Steve replied that he met this Romanian teenager guy ( 20 years old ) Mr. Raul Oaida through web. From his explanation we tried to make it in action but I couldn’t provide fund on this project at that time. At that time I realized that I can use the oppurtunity by fund offered by the crowd funded projects. For that I tweeted in the Twitter that ” One who are interested in depositing funds of about 500 dollars or 1000 dollars on giving action for an extra ordinary topic. Also we need 20 partners for this project.”

After the message was sent soon he had got 40 Australian partners deposited funds for it. Due to this deposition “SUPER AWESOME PROJECT” ( named for the project ) was born. Under the extra ordinary project, it took 18 months to get finished the manufacturing of the Lego Car.   The manufacturers of the new Lego car Mr. Steve Sammartino who was a business partner of this project and Mr. Raul Oaida, the teenager technologist produced the car at Romania. Both of them parceled the Lego Car by different parts to Australia later. However the duo manufacturers aren’t willing for providing the horsepower, drive-train and torque ratings about the Lego car. The Lego car is being used in the streets of Melbourne in Australia now. And it is reported that the manufacturers aren’t deciding to produce more Lego Cars at this moment.